D. Batistatos

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Name: Dimitris - Surname: Batistatos Dimitris was born in Piraeus (Greece) in 1981 and then moved with his family to Lemnos. There he lived until 1998. At the age of 11, he took trumpet and guitar lessons at the harmony central of Myrina, Lemnos. At the same time he was taught saxophone. Then, at the age of 15, he formed his first band "Ektos Sxediou".In the year 2000, he joined the army. He became a musician in the army orchestra. Since May 2002, he is a citizen and he started doing sound engineering for a few groups. He has finished his studies on music technology and sound engineering at I.I.E.K Akmi & at Preston University and took his bachelor diploma in music technology.His cooperation with Unicorn Music and Cosmicleaf Records started in May 2003 .You can also find his name in numerous commercial songs from famous Greek singers like Elena Paparizou, Sakis Rouvas, Anna Vissi, Panos Kiamos, Giorgos Tsalikis, Xryspa and many other popular artists.
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