Что играло на радио Зайцев FM: Релакс? Плейлист за неделю

03:41 maria augusta — how deep is your love

03:36 blank & jones — counting clouds

03:32 frank sinatra — crazy love

03:29 jaime lancaster — the show must go on

03:20 omar akram — lotus flower

03:07 matteo brancaleoni — how am i supposed to live without you

03:06 echosmith — cool kids (acoustic)

02:41 mars needs lovers — twin brothers (alfoa ambient glass mix)

02:36 the thrillseekers — dreaming of you (tranquilo's ambient mix)

02:21 simon le grec — don't hurt me (ambient mix)

02:18 grandyzer — before dawn

02:05 lauge — sandslottet

01:49 e-mantra — lonely sorrow

01:31 trumpet thing — need you

01:11 skyscraper — the hymn (update project ambient mix)

00:54 dream project — anywhere in the world (sphere chillout cut)

00:48 city lies — shattered roses (original mix)

00:34 aqualuna — spirit of the south (african dream mix)

00:33 lukas termena — heart of the ocean (original mix)

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