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.. Task Horizon was originally founded by producers/DJs Aaron von Schroeder and Jonas Ullmann in the romantic environment of a ramshackle music studio on the first floor of an abandoned (and happily disintegrating) factory for sewage pipe coatings in the outskirts of Zürich/Switzerland. Accompanied by frequent electrical setbacks, heating system failures and rodent invasions, the first TH tracks saw the light, often aided and abetted by professional synthesizer player Tim Kleinert, who had his practice room downstairs.After Jonas split and moved to the UK in order to embark on his successful career as Uman, Aaron relocated his studio to more inviting premises and continued as Task Horizon on his own. Tim always kept in touch, and what started out as casual studio visits to share gossip, booze and munchies gradually developed into protracted music production sessions of growing intensity and regularity. Seeing that their musical abilities complemented each other perfectly, it was a natural consequence for Tim to officially join the project.True to their temperament and to the maxim “the cream rises to the top”, Task Horizon have always been reluctant to forcefully elbow themselves into the spotlight, preferring instead to silently (or no so silently, if you unfortunately happen to live next door) hone their craft to perfection until the world has no choice but to take notice. This protracted endurance and ferocious dedication to musical excellence has meanwhile resulted in a body of work that is rare in its combination of blistering high consistency of quality and simultaneous stylistic diversity. It has enabled them to release their work on the finest US and UK labels (Timeless, DSCI4, Dangerous New Age, Focus, Circle, Ammunition, Sudden Def , Habit, et al.), has earned them respect and support from key players (DJ Hype, Ed Rush and Optical, Optiv, Adam F, J Majik, Andy C, Pendulum et al.) and made them the producers of choice for artists like MC Spyda.While Tim pursues a separate career as a performing musician, Aaron is the DJ of Task Horizon. His recent tour of North and South America was met with massive support. At the decks as in the studio,Task Horizon are ambassadors of the whole stylistic spectrum of D’n’B. Follow Task Horizon on MySpace and Facebook for more information.

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