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Rexanthony was born in Italy (1977) and about 1990, along with piano studying, he was attracted by synthesizers, sequencers, computer, experimental music. His first embryonal song "Gas Mask" was released in the 1991 followed by "An.Tho.Ny" (1992), released in Japan too.His techno-rave cult song "For you Marlene" (1992) and "Gener-Action" (1993) were released thruout Europe and Japan (Avex Trax) reaching the top charts. He worked in studio with Musik Research team, editing the rhythms of the songs for the album series Technoshock (1, 2, 3) and since the 1994 personally composed and recorded the following albums of the series: "Technoshock 4" (1994, trance music), "Technoshock 5" (1995, hard trance music), "Technoshock 6" (1996, hardcore precursor), "Technoshock 7" (1996, progressive), "Technoshock 8" (2000, progressive trance music), "Technoshock 9" (2001, techno music), "Technoshock 10" (2002, techno music).In the 1994 and 1995 he also released the experimental techno albums "Rexperimental" (including Tangerine Dream, Doris Norton and Kraftwerk's covers), "Cocoricò Two" and "Cocoricò Three" and in the 1995 the top charts "Capturing Matrix" followed by "Polaris Dream" (1996). The "Polaris Dream" videoclip was broadcasted in heavy rotation by MTV Europe for several months. In the 1997 the album "Fine Pleasure" (dream music) was released along with the video "Polaris Dream" (an hour of experimental visuals). The music is now more soft and Rexanthony recorded the track using piano and other instruments in real time.In 1997 Rexanthony composed, arranged, vocalized and recorded the album "Audax", a milestone in his career; the album was released in 1998."Audax" was defined by the press as "the most significative experimenal electronic/rock album of the artist". Rexanthony presented live "Audax" at the broadcast television program Red Ronnie's Roxy Bar.The 1998 is the time for a first Rexanthony's cult collection and the techno/rave "Earthquake" (double CD) was released followed by "Technopolis" (Virgin, cd-single, 1999). The albums "Technoshock" series (9, 10) (2001, 2002) , Hardcorized (2001) and "Capturing Future" (2003) were released by Hitland records, independent label based on Milano.In 2003 Rexanthony released various versions of the song 'Capturing Matrix': one of them reached number one on italian trend charts. A CD single, including all versions, was released by Wea with the title "Capturing Matrix".In 2004 the CD single "The Synbol 2004" (released by Wea) reached the official italian FIMI charts too.Since ever interested in experimental music, Rexanthony produced innovative tracks by several crossover: from techno-rave, hardtrance, hardcore, hardcore-jungle to techno-postrock, cyber techno. But his interest and fantasy are always in motion and since 2004 he was involved in other music genres (progressive rock) and video projects as executive producer (2004 "Magic Ritual" DVD, 2005 "Magic Ritual" LP, 2006 "Switch on Dark " -LP, digipack/video- for publishers such as Warner Chappell and Rai Trade, distributed in Usa by Century Media and worldwide available through digital stores).

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